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My low-rent photography studio!

My frustration with getting consistent photographs of the fabrics offered on was partially resolved with my brand spanking new "Redneck Photography Studio!"  With two pieces of picture framing mat board, six 5-gallon Home Depot buckets, four spotlights, the base of a clothing rack and an "iPhone," I can now get decent pictures.  Plus I wrote down all of the pixel sizes so each area on the website will be consistent with products lining up nicely in rows.  I'll have to backtrack and re-do some of the photos for the earlier products uploaded to the site.

Here is a picture of my "Photography Studio!"

The cell phone rests on the narrowly spaced rails of the clothing rack base at the top.  Pictures are shot straight down.  A 6" ruler rests on the edge of the photo frame so customers can get a size reference for the fabrics.

The lights create much heat, however, the photos are a lot better now!

Leave a comment and let your friends know about us.  If you need any advise setting up your very own fabric photo shoot, be sure to ask on our Contact Page!

The fabric on the table is part of our new hand dyed fabric collection, "Violaceous Maldives," which you can see by clicking here.!


Jun 26, 2015 • Posted by Frances Warth


Jun 25, 2015 • Posted by Deborah Raptis

So Creative!!!

Jun 25, 2015 • Posted by Jill Schneider

Check the spelling of friends on your menu line. Wow, I am impressed with your work.

Jun 25, 2015 • Posted by Jill Schneider

Friends is misspelled on your menu line but I am impressed.

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