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Tie-Dye - 21" Square - #16B001 - Honu - One only

$ 15.00 $ 25.00

Honu - Tie Dyed Specialty Art Piece - Hand Dyed Fabric

$ 15.00 $ 25.00

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Honu is the Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle.  My family lived in Hawaii for a number of years where I sold petroglyph (rock carvings) artwork.  This tie dye reminds me of those idyllic times.  A particular Honu petroglyph located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Pu'u Loa lava fields can be traced to when the islands were first populated.

This piece is nominally 22" square and would make a great start to a fiber art piece. Although it could certainly be used as is, do you not see enhancements with fiber paint or thickened dye, making it spectacular? 

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