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Tie-Dye - 21" Square -#16B016 - Daylight Flyby - One only

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Tie-Dye - 21

$ 12.00 $ 25.00

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"Daylight Flyby" is a specialty tie dyed image of a butterfly.  Culturally, butterflies are a popular motif in the visual and literary arts.  At the end of metamorphosis, adult winged butterflies live from only a day up to a year, depending on species.  "Daylight Flyby" should live much longer as a fiber art centerpiece, enhanced with your own fiber paint, ink, or thickened dies.

Enhance this one with fabric paint and embellishments for a really cool art quilt!

This piece is nominally 22" square.

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Come up with your own unique way to use the fabric and send us a picture!


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